Guide to email popups

The ultimate guide to email popups

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6%. According to internal data, that’s the average percentage of users seeing an email popup who leave their email address. I joined WisePops a few months ago and knew nothing about popup marketing at the time. At first, I couldn’t…

Announcing Contextual Targeting

Introducing Goal Tracking

Today, we’re announcing a new stat page, and a major new feature: Goal Tracking. Let’s start with the new stat page. This is what you have been asking for: Can I view all my campaigns performances on the same page?…

Announcing Contextual Targeting

Introducing Contextual Targeting

With Contextual Targeting, you will be able to use your own data and events to trigger your popups and refine your targeting. How cool is that? Let’s review how custom properties and custom events can help you improve your marketing….

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