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Shopify team itself recommends that you use popups on your store. Their results on list-building and conversion optimization have been proven. To give you a better idea of their powers, some of our Shopify clients turn up to 15% of their visitors into subscribers (the average signup rate is around 6%).
Not only can they help you grow your email list — they can also help you retain abandoning visitors, collect feedback to improve your shop, support your promotions, etc.

So it’s not a question of knowing if you need to use popups anymore, but a matter of choosing the best app to create them.

WisePops offers all the options you need to design, target and measure your popup campaigns. We allow you to design custom popups in just a few clicks. We offer you the most advanced targeting options, such as the ability to target visitors who have items in the cart, users who have already purchased from you, people located in a specific area, etc. Plus we help you monitor the impact of your popups on your email list and on your revenue. In short, WisePops is the best popup app for Shopify.

Let’s see why.

Popup Templates

How to Create a Shopify Popup

  1. Sign up on WisePops.
  2. Set up our script on your website using our Shopify app or Google Tag Manager.
  3. Create your popup using a ready-made template you can edit, or start from scratch.
  4. Select the users who should see your campaigns and set your display conditions.
  5. Activate your campaign, and voila!

Use Cases

Collect more emails

On average, our Shopify customers triple the number of emails they collect each month. Select which visitors will see your campaign and when. The results? +300% email signups on average.

Grow your revenue

WisePops allows you to publish promotional popup campaigns in just a few clicks. Use our contextual targeting feature to take your campaigns further and target users based on Shopify liquid variables (cart value, product category, etc.).

Reduce cart abandonment

Retain your visitors before they leave your shop and convince them to finish their purchase.

Get to know your customers

Design and display targeted surveys to learn more about your users and their expectations.


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Why WisePops?

Works great with Shopify

Set up WisePops in under a minute with our Shopify app.

Super easy to use

Requires zero dev or technical knowledge.

30+ targeting options

Do you want to reach mobile visitors from the UK? Users who have more than $100 in their cart? All done in a minute.

No more guesswork

Know exactly how your campaigns are impacting your store’s revenue.

Tailored design

Design popups that truly match your brand. Customize them by simply dragging and dropping elements.

Automatic sync

Whether you’re using MailChimp, Omnisend or any other email marketing solution, we allow you to sync your new subscribers instantly.

5-Star rated

Our reviews on the Shopify app store speak for themselves: we’re the top-rated Shopify popup app.

Not using Shopify?

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