Boost Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy With Popups

Planning your Black Friday marketing strategy?

We have eight excellent ideas to get more conversions on that special day with website popups. This nifty marketing method can help drive traffic to pages with deals, spread awareness of holiday offers, and get more sales.

Read on to find:

  • Ideas to use popups for Black Friday marketing
  • Examples of website popups designed to engage shoppers

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

  1. Get more email signups before Black Friday
  2. Use a Black Friday prize wheel
  3. Drive traffic to the Black Friday deals page
  4. Give special deals to returning visitors
  5. Maximize awareness of marketing offers
  6. Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  7. Share customer support messages
  8. Engage shoppers with videos

1. Get More Email Signups Before Black Friday

Shoppers are looking for deals long before Black Friday arrives. Many check out online stores to look for info about upcoming offers. For businesses, it’s a great opportunity to add more leads to your email list.

One way to do that is with a special popup. This campaign would capture leads by offering them early access and/or notifications of Black Friday deals in exchange for emails.

Creating such a popup is simple: just customize a template (takes minutes in a drag-and-drop editor). Here’s one I created in five minutes, for example:

Black Friday popup

I’m sure you can make a better one! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Share the most compelling details about sales (free shipping, discounts, etc.)
  • Give something valuable enough to sign up (special discount, early access, etc.)
  • Launch at least one week before Black Friday

Feel like you’re ready to try designing an email popup? Sign up for Wisepops (free, takes 20 seconds), and start creating in our popup editor.

Online businesses use email popups to build lists of leads and nurture them with marketing messages. Check out these 40 Email Popup Examples to see the best practices for building an email list.

2. Use a Black Friday Prize Wheel

Doesn’t “Prize wheel” sound like something interesting?

It surely does, and many of your visitors will think the same.

That’s why a spin-the-wheel popup is a great idea for your Black Friday marketing strategy. You can make it into a “prize wheel” to distribute discount coupons, vouchers, and other incentives to visitors to encourage them to buy.

Spin-the-wheel popups add gamification to Black Friday marketing, so they’re great for increasing customer engagement. Many companies generate leads this way (Faguo, for example, gets 5,000+ new leads every month).

Creating a prize wheel is easy. You basically need to write a compelling headline to grab the attention of visitors, choose prizes, and set up the probability of winning. As always, this can be done in minutes in a popup tool.

The result can look something like this wheel.

Black Friday spin the wheel popup

To engage more visitors with a spin the wheel popup:

  • Add it to pages that get the most traffic, e.g. homepage
  • Request only essential customer info (only email or name+email)
  • Give away different prizes (free shipping, discount codes, free products)
  • Display the wheel when visitors try to leave (not immediately after they arrive at your website) to give them more time to learn about your deals
Want to add a prize wheel to your Black Friday marketing campaigns? Customize this spin-the-wheel template and have it up and running in minutes (no coding skills needed).

Need some assistance? Dive into these Best Practices for Spin-to-Win Popups to know more about creating a fantastic popup.

3. Drive Traffic to The Black Friday Deals Page

Online businesses often create a special page with Black Friday deals for customers’ convenience. If you do that, too, your website should have at least several tools driving traffic there when the holiday arrives.

One good tool to try is a bar popup. It’s a small ad that displays a marketing message on a website at all times. So, it’s great for maximizing visitors’ awareness of Black Friday sales.

Here’s an example of a bar announcing a Black Friday sale.

Black Friday banner popup

The bar is located at the top of the website, but you can also place it at the bottom. Every element is customizable, so you can make the bar look very natural.

Besides bars, you can also try traditional popups. They can look like this example below and contain more info than bars.


You can set up a traditional popup to be displayed immediately when visitors arrive at your website. This way, every visitor will see the notification.

Tips to use these popups for Black Friday marketing campaigns:

  • Add the popup to the homepage
  • Give the CTA a contrasting color to make it clearly visible
  • Write a compelling text to encourage people to check out the deals
Popup expert tip: Set the popup to target all visitors (the below image shows this option in Wisepops). This way, you’ll maximize the reach of the campaign.

popup targeting tips

Do website bars sound interesting as a sales promotion tool? Check out these 20 Sales Promotion Examples showing how brands drive traffic using this method.

4. Give Special Deals to Returning Visitors

Returning customers are 75% more likely to buy than new ones. So, why not have a special popup campaign to target this special group on Black Friday?

Here’s an idea:

Create a popup with a special discount to display only to returning visitors.

Since almost 40% of online shoppers buy when they get good discounts, this ecommerce strategy can score you more orders.

A campaign for this Black Friday marketing strategy can look like this.

Returning visitor popup

Tips to get sales from returning visitors:

  • Give an incentive (free delivery, same-day delivery, early access to deals, and discounts are good options)
  • Offer to subscribe for notifications for Black Friday deals (if you want to run the campaign before the holiday)
  • Propose to subscribe to a loyalty program or a newsletter (since returning visitors are more likely to become repeat customers)

Popup pro tip:
Display the popup only to people who have visited your store in the last 24 hours. This way, you target anyone who’s been comparing websites ahead of Black Friday.

Returning visitor targeting tip

5. Maximize Awareness of Marketing Offers with Website Tabs

“Wait, what was that? A discount? Maybe I could have used that…”

That’s what some customers think after closing popups without reading them fully. In many cases, they don’t get to see the offer again. That’s a shame because they often go on to discover nice products and wish they could get that discount again.

To prevent that, you can have the popup available as a “persistent” website tab at all times. So, the customer can close the popup and display it once again.

Here’s how it works.

This way, you can raise awareness of your marketing offers with those who close the popup immediately.

To maximize the effectiveness of this Black Friday marketing idea:

  • Make the message short but informative, e.g. “Special gift”
  • Use a contrasting color to make it stand out from the rest of the website
  • Choose a placement where the bar wouldn’t cover website features such as live chat

Want to set up a “persistent” tab for your popup campaigns? Learn how to make it appear on your website: How to Add a Persistent Tab.

6. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Let’s cut to the chase:

You need as many good ways to prevent abandoned carts as possible.

That’s where popups come into play once again. Thanks to the exit intent technology, they can catch visitors right before they leave your website. So, you’ll get one more chance to prevent a lost sale.

Here’s an example of an exit intent popup.

Abandoned cart popup

Tips to design exit intent popups:

  • Consider giving incentives like fast shipping, loyalty points, or free products if your store offers significant discounts during holidays
  • Experiment with different popup formats and value propositions to define the one recovering most sales.
  • Create a sense of urgency by letting customers know that the product in the cart is selling fast.
Check out these helpful resources covering sales exit intent popups:

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7. Share Customer Support Messages

Besides sales, there’s something else to focus on with your Black Friday strategies:

Quality customer service.

Nine out of 10 customers who get “excellent” service during Black Friday typically return and place more orders. But providing good service could be hard because the number of customer support requests can skyrocket.

To help your customer service agents, you can share important support-related messages with popups. Those messages could contain shipping delay alerts, links to FAQs, and info on returns and order tracking.

Let’s see a couple of examples of such popups.

This popup below lets visitors know that they now can ship products to Canada. Obviously, it’s an important message that can influence sales.

Customer support popup

Besides such notifications, you can also help customers get support with small, non-intrusive FAQ popups.

Faguo uses this popup below to help customers find pages with information about product returns and order tracking. Here’s how it looks.

Faguo customer support popup

By making information more easily available for customers, these popups help reduce customer support workload.

Tips to design support popups:

  • Add them to high-traffic, relevant pages
  • Highlight the most important info by making bold text
  • Add links to support pages to help customers find info faster

8. Engage More Shoppers with Videos

Videos are in the top three most popular marketing content types. People love videos, so it makes perfect sense to include them in your Black Friday marketing strategy, too.

And here’s a catch:

You don’t need to code to add videos to your website.

Instead, you can use video popups.

They’re exactly what they sound like: popups with videos. They are a great tool to get your videos in front of your audience because you can add them to any page.

Here’s an example—

Notiq announces the arrival of the new collection with this video popup. The brand’s founder shares some details about the products and when they’re going to be available. What a great way to build anticipation ahead of the release.

Video popup

As you can see from Notiq’s video, it’s shot with a smartphone’s camera. So, you don’t need a huge marketing budget to try this Black Friday marketing idea. You can also create one using a free online video editor.

You can try to achieve these goals with video popups:

  • Showcase new products or services
  • Help shoppers with customer support videos
  • Announce sales or special offers
Interested in learning how to add video popups to your website? This step-by-step Guide to Creating Video Popups will help you make that possible.

Black Friday Marketing Strategy: Final Thoughts

We’re just weeks away from the start of the Black Friday season. Time to prepare your Black Friday marketing strategies! This year, you can add popups to the mix and engage more shoppers using the tips from this article.

I hope you got some ideas to improve Black Friday marketing strategy and score more sales this holiday season. Feel free to share your thoughts about these ideas and tell us which ones you’re interested in trying!

Ready to Boost Your Black Friday Sales with Popups? Click here to learn more about Wisepops.

Pawel Lawrowski Pawel is a Head of Growth at Wisepops and a Lead Generation&Pop-up Expert.

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