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Last updated Mon Apr 22 2024

Black Friday Popups: 10+ Ideas that Convert [2024]

Here for ideas for Black Friday popups?

Below, you’ll get 11 great ones. 

You’ll see how successful businesses go beyond ordinary popups to create positive and exciting shopping experiences for Black Friday.

In this post:

Popups with built-in Shopify properties, unique discount codes, and Klaviyo segment targeting
Shopify Popup intro
Time limited offer black friday
Get practical tips for Black Friday popup campaigns:

See these 10 ecommerce case studies (with expert tips and performance data)

How effective are Black Friday popups?

A popup on Black Friday can make a lot of difference for your business. 

But let’s talk numbers for a second. We checked the 2022 data from our clients who used Wisepops popups on Black Friday and found that:

black friday popup stats

Amazing, right?

Here’s one awesome example of a Black Friday popup from these campaigns. 

Vinatis, a popular wine store, used a Black Friday popup to convert shoppers who visited their store from mobile phones. The campaign announced the sale and shared the discount code (the shoppers could copy the discount by clicking the button):

Black Friday popup example

Let's see how it performed.

Over 5,000 visitors copied the code, achieving a nice CTR. And, as you can see, that also translated into impressive revenue (data from the Wisepops dashboard):



This was the performance of only one Black Friday popup

Of course, you can achieve similar performance only with the right amount of traffic on your website but one thing is clear: regardless of how many visitors you have, Black Friday popups can help you sell more.

If you’d like more Black Friday popup examples along with an expert comment, I recommend checking out this video to learn how to combine the offsite (emails) and the onsite (Black Friday popups and more) sides of your marketing strategy:

1. Build the “early access” list

black friday popup

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Start building a list of customers waiting to get the best deals from your store

  • Expand the list of your potential customers

  • Create urgency to subscribe

Grab a popup app and get started (free):


Shop now sales popup
Get Black Friday popup templates 🎨

Browse our library of designer-made templates:

➡️ Go to templates

Time limited offer black friday

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Show this offer only to visitors from paid ads

  • Convert more of your paid ad visitors

How to get started:

  • Come up with a special offer for paid visitors

  • Add that offer to a popup campaign

  • Show that campaign only to paid visitors (by choosing these settings):

display setting

Zero commitment, unlimited free trial

Black Friday popup tip:

Create different offers for different visitor groups. 

For example, paid visitors might be your first-time customers so they could enjoy a discount. But direct visitors might know your business well, so they could get extra perks (since they have probably bought from you before).

3. Drive traffic to pages with deals

black friday popup example blume

Version II (no discount, for driving traffic):

Black Friday popup example

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Share more details and conditions of your Black Friday sale

  • Drive shoppers to product menu pages and special Black Friday deals pages, etc. right from the homepage

  • Include discounts to give visitors an easy start to shopping

How to get started:

  • Create a popup with all the relevant info about your Black Friday sale and display it on your homepage only


How to make welcome popups (+examples)

Learn how to create the right first impression and convert your first-time visitors

4. Show personalized offers

Black friday popup window

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Improve customer satisfaction with the shopping experience

  • Drive visitors to specific products or product menus

How to get started:

  • Create offers based on website browsing history (X products viewed in the sneakers category, for example)

  • Promote the offers with Black Friday popups (e.g. show them only to those shoppers who meet the targeting criteria)

5. Upsell and cross-sell

product bundling Time limited offer

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Offer special deals for selected products or categories

  • Drive a sense of urgency to buy

How to get started:

  • Choose products to include

  • Define the offer (a discount, a free item, etc.)

  • Promote the offer with popups

Tip to increase sales:

Show upsell and cross sell Black Friday popups only on product pages—shoppers visiting those pages might be more interested in your offer. Besides, the homepage, for example, should be reserved for displaying other deals.

6. Increase the average order value

increae aov Black Friday popup

This popup is displayed after the shopper visits at least two serums. So, it will not appear to those browsing other products, making this offer personalized.

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Motivate shoppers to make purchases by giving them a useful extra product

  • Accelerate sales of specific product categories

How to get started:

  • Choose a product to give away (could be a replenishable item that customers use often)

  • Create a popup design to share the offer

  • Show this campaign to visitors who view related products (see the example below)


Prefer to learn by doing?

Zero commitment, unlimited free trial

Learn more about how to target customers on specific pages:

How to use page targeting

7. Give a free item for purchase

free item Black Friday popup

Version II with a signup form:

Free product Black Friday popup

Why use this Black Friday popup idea: 

  • Offer free items for purchasing over a certain amount

  • Speed up sales by giving extra motivation to buy

  • Sell slow-moving items

How to get started:

  • Choose a free item

  • Create promotional messages for your website

  • Show them as banners, exit intent popups, etc.

8. Collect more emails with wheel popups

Black Friday wheel popup

Why use this Black Friday popup idea: 

  • Get more leads (wheel popups can convert up to 30% of visitors)

  • Wheel popups work best for time-limited deals like Black Friday

  • Share various incentives (discounts, free shipping, free items, etc.)

How to get started:

  • Make a Black Friday-themed wheel popup

  • Add at least a few incentives to be won

  • Define the winning odds for every prize (here’s how this setting looks):

spin to win wheel Black Friday popup

Want to see an example of a Black Friday spin-to-win popup campaign?

See more examples of spin-to-win popups from ecommerce businesses.

9. Launch a special giveaway

Black Friday popup giveaway

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Product giveaways are the #3 top-converting incentive in popups

  • Black Friday popups with giveaways can achieve a conversion rate as high as 81.7%

  • Get a quick boost in email list building

How to get started:

  • Choose a product for the giveaway (here are 10 giveaway ideas for you)

  • Follow the legal regulations (define the rules, the minimum age to enter, and the prize)

  • Promote the giveaway with a popup on Black Friday

faguo logo
Faguo reduced lead generation costs by four times by using a giveaway:

10. Drive urgency in last-minute shoppers

Black Friday popup

Why use this Black Friday popup idea: 

  • Showing this campaign at the end of the Black Friday sale can drive urgency to buy

  • Quickly redirect the traffic to the Black Friday page with the deals

How to get started:

  • Create a popup with a countdown (here's how to do that)

  • Add the link to the page with the sale

  • Show the campaign to all visitors

11. Add more customers to your loyalty program

Black Friday popup loyalty program

Why use this Black Friday popup: 

  • Get more loyalty program participants

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of becoming a repeat customer

  • Boost your email list building

How to get started:

  • Create promotional messages about your loyalty program

  • Display it to visitors who view at least multiple pages on your website (so you know they might be interested in buying from you)


Examples of the best customer loyalty programs (includes Starbucks, Sephora, and Chubbies)

Oleksii Kovalenko

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