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Last updated Mon Apr 22 2024

10 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Get a Week’s Worth of Sales

You’ve surely come across countless Black Friday marketing strategies before you got here.

So, let me say right off the bat:

The strategies here are based on the answers given to that million-dollar question: What makes you buy on Black Friday?”. So we’re going to talk about real things that attract customers.

Without further ado, here are 10 Black Friday marketing strategies for 2023.

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Black Friday marketing strategies: how to pick

Yeah, choosing the best Black Friday strategies is important. But how do you do that?

To choose, we need a Black Friday marketing strategy that focus on the reasons influencing customers’ decisions to purchase. The best way to learn them is to ask shoppers that million-dollar question, of course.

Thankfully, somebody did that job for us. Here are the answers:

black friday shopping statistics

Although these reasons to buy may sound all too familiar, there are many different Black Friday marketing strategies to target them with.

To narrow down our selection, we’ll base our strategies on:

  • Easy navigation for easy shopping

  • Time-limited sales that generate urgency (like flash sales)

  • Promos (discounts, free shipping, minimum purchase, etc.)

Expert tip:

"Next time you plan on running a sale for your site or shop, be sure to consider a mid-level discount and instead extend the sale period by a couple of days. Having longer promotions allows you to reach potential customers through different channels and efforts, increasing the overall impact of your sale. How do I do this? Opt for a Cyber Week Sale instead of limiting your promotions to Cyber Monday!"

Ana Gonzalez -Marketing Director at Placeit

1. Define your goals before starting

Let’s start with a prep tip—

The Black Friday period is nothing but calm, so having clear goals in mind will help you stay focused.

For example, you might want to:

  • Make 100 sales

  • Get 50 loyalty program sign ups

  • Generate 500 more email leads

Defining a goal (or multiple) also is something best performers do because they define the Black Friday marketing strategies to achieve them. Example: a timed sales promotion is perfect for getting sales while coupons work to get both emails and sales.

cart abandon sales popup
Learn from others

Improve your Black Friday marketing strategy with expert tips from fellow business owners:

Ecommerce case studies

2. Build the “early access” email list

The “early access” list includes subscribers who will get the first access to your Black Friday deals via emails. To get as many emails as possible, start building the list a few weeks before with a special popup campaign.

That email popup would build anticipation by giving early access to deals, discounts, etc.—like this one below:

black friday popup example

And then—

This one about a week before Black Friday, to increase the sense of urgency:

black friday marketing

When Black Friday is close, you can send a special email to those who subscribed. There, include a discount code and a link to the early access deals. Or you can give them some exclusive discounts—up to you.

Here’s an example of such an email from PRESS Foods.

email black friday annoucement

If you need a popup app recommendation to start getting leads—

Try Wisepops.

It integrates with all popular email apps (Omnisend, Klaviyo, etc.), so you’ll be able to send “early access” leads directly into your email app. Check out examples of businesses using Wisepops.

Here’s one example of a popup created with Wisepops:

black friday popup example

You can sign up here:

Zero commitment, unlimited free trial.

"We've increased our signups by 10x, very easy to integrate with our website and email platform, too"

Wisepops review from Capterra ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 29, 2023

Shop now sales popup
Free popup templates

Get a head start on designing Black Friday popups. Browse our library of designer-made popup templates. Start converting your traffic.

➡️ Go to templates

3. Offer a “Deal of the Hour”

This Black Friday marketing strategy will help you make those “too-good-to-pass-up” deals we’ve talked about earlier.

Here’s the drill:

Make a special campaign with a new deal for every hour on Black Friday.

The “deal” can be anything: a VIP discount, a free gift, a product category discount, or anything else. This way, you can get customers to return to your store multiple times during the day.

Like this one, offering a deal on a product category.

popup black friday sale

Another variation of this Black Friday marketing tactic:

Offer a VIP offer for newsletter subscribers for those who missed your main offer (for one hour):

special popup

And one more variation of this Black Friday marketing campaign idea (this time, we reduce the time from one hour to just ten minutes):

black friday marketing cyber monday

“Deal of the Hour” might sound like a hard Black Friday marketing strategy, especially given that you will have to pre-make all the deals and publish them.


It’s actually pretty easy to do.


You can share the deals with Black Friday popups. All you have to do is choose a Black Friday template, copy it, and customize the offers in each campaign version.

Scheduling the “Deal of the Hour” is also pretty straightforward. In Wisepops, for example, you just need to choose the time zone, campaign launch, and end date. The whole thing takes a few clicks.

schedule setting wisepops

Create this campaign:

How to define the start and end time: Frequency settings

Expert tip

Think that offering a deal of the hour could be too much? No problem. It’s totally fine to make special deals every two/three hours (or other timeframes, really). The trick is to create a sense of urgency, so you’re free to choose here.

4. Offer targeted discounts

A traditional practice says you need to offer discounts to everyone.

But we want our customers to feel special, don’t we? So, let’s take this strategy one step further—

We can personalize our discount types and sizes for different groups of visitors. Example: a 30% discount might work best for first-time visitors while a $30 discount in a bundle with free shipping could appeal more to repeated customers.

Here’s an example of a discount popup campaign for new customers:

black friday promo deal for first time visitors

Here's a step-by-step guide: how to create discount popups. And ideas for discounts: 18 discount code ideas.

Now, let's take this Black Friday marketing strategy even further.

If you're using Shopify, you can show targeted popups with discounts based on:

  • The customer's first and last name

  • The value of the products a customer has in the cart

  • How much a customer has already spent in your online store

  • The number of days since the last purchase made by a specific customer

And much more.

This is easily done with Shopify properties in popup apps. For example, you can easily make such campaigns in Wisepops:

advanced shopify

Learn more about built-in Shopify properties.

Besides popups, Onsite notifications are one more effective way to share targeted discounts.

They are essentially a feed with promo messages for websites. Here's how it looks like on OddBalls, one of the UK's most popular underwear brands:

onsite notification feed
Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls

"Roughly 50% of all orders made on OddBalls used this code at the time when this onsite notification campaign was active. This translated into around £50k in revenue."

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls

Read more about: OddBalls onsite marketing campaign study

Or check out what onsite notifications can do:

How to protect your profits

✔️ Offer product bundling discounts. This means giving a discount for buying two or more products in one order.
✔️ Use tiered discounts instead of percentages, e.g. “Get $2o off a $100 purchase.” This way, the amount your customers get will be a flat figure even if they spend more than the minimum spending amount.
✔️ Give the highest discounts to your best customers. Go through your customer database and find the best customers. Sending targeted offers to them will help maximize profitability.

5. Use Black Friday spin wheel

You can use a spin-to-win wheel to distribute discounts, coupons, vouchers, and other incentives to encourage visitors to buy. It’s a nice way to gamify the shopping experience and make it more engaging for your customers.

Here’s a template for this campaign.

black friday spin to win popup

To engage more visitors with a spin the wheel popup:

  • Require only email or name+email

  • Add the campaign to pages with the most traffic, e.g. homepage

  • Give away different prizes (free shipping, discount codes, free products)

faguo logo
Learn how Faguo generates over 2,000 new leads even month by giving away a pair of expensive sneakers from their collection:

6. Use minimum purchase promo

This Black Friday marketing strategy is easy: offer a free gift with a minimum purchase. 

The free product could be:

  • Inexpensive one for you to get

  • Popular products that your customers buy often

  • Items that need regular replenishment (like cosmetics and self-care)

This way, you will motivate people to make purchases and make them feel good about shopping. That’s why online businesses use this promo strategy for many occasions. 

For example, here’s Blume using it for a weekend birthday sale with a welcome popup:

special promo black friday BOGO
Case study

Learn how Blume, a self-care brand, converts up 5% of their store visitors with popups: Blume success story

If you’d like to surprise your shoppers with a cool way of letting them know about your minimum purchase promos, try the onsite notification feed.

It’s a social media-like feed for engaging visitors with promo messages.

Here’s the feed looks on Pedego Harlem—as you can see, it’s full of different promotions! That’s great because the visitors to get all this information in one place:

7. Try countdown timers for limited-time promos 

A countdown timer is a fantastic way to communicate urgency for time-limited deals—those that convince 36% of online shoppers to buy.  So, it’s perfect to add to the list of your Black Friday marketing strategies.

You can add timers to your website popups like that…

countdown to black friday

… or like that (taken from Priority Bicycles, another campaign made with Wisepops)…

popup black friday

…and to your emails like that. 

black friday sale email

Zero commitment, unlimited free trial

Find out how this Shopify store got 17% of monthly sales in just four hours with a countdown campaign:

8. Add new products just before Black Friday

Fact: customers are always excited about new arrivals.

Why not use that excitement to sell by adding new products to your store? Do that just before—or even during—Black Friday. This way, your ecommerce store will be even more enticing to customers looking for the best deals.

Promote your new products on your website but also in emails sent before the event begins. Here’s how Vessi does that.

black friday email vessi

9. Reduce shopping cart abandonment

You need as many good ways to prevent abandoned carts as possible.

That’s where exit intent popups come into play. Thanks to exit detection technology, they can catch visitors right before they leave—giving you one more chance to prevent a lost sale.

Let’s see an example of an exit intent popup. This one below has a discount, but you can also make it into a simple, “hey-you-forgot-your-goods” reminder if the customer has already applied discounts.

exit intent popup for email capture

Recover abandoned carts with a reliable exit-intent detection technology:

10. Share shipping times and customer support links

Buying gifts for family and friends is a popular reason to shop: an average Black Friday shopper spent $224.48 directly on gifts last year.

Knowing shipping times is important because… well, people need to know if they arrive on time for special occasions, family gatherings, and so on. Needless to say, your support team will be quite busy, so you need to give them as much help as you can.

Share links to customers’ FAQs and shipping time updates on your website in prominent places. Faguo uses this popup below to help customers find pages with info on product returns and order tracking.

popups for customer support

Black marketing strategies: the bottom line


Pick your goals, the Black Friday marketing strategies, and stick to them. This way, you’ll be focused and have a clear way of measuring how well you perform.

I hope this post helped you get started on preparing Black Friday marketing strategies. I am rooting for you! 

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


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