30 Best Shopify Apps to Maximize Ecommerce Productivity and Profitability

As ecommerce platforms go, Shopify is well-known for its ease of use, allowing even the greenest of entrepreneurs to get their site up and running in no time.

But, the “vanilla” version of Shopify will only get you so far.

Sure, you might find some success using Shopify’s out-of-box service…but your business could be a lot more productive—and a lot more profitable—once you start getting use out of both the free and paid apps on Shopify’s App Store.

While there are a number of free Shopify apps to choose from, serious retailers will eventually want to invest in some of the premium tools the store has to offer.

Reason being:

Your competitors are probably already using them—putting your company at a major disadvantage. With 87% of Shopify businesses using apps and having spent a cumulative $100m in Shopify’s App Store, it’s fair to say that those who aren’t using them will quickly fall behind their competition.

At any rate, Shopify’s App Store offers a wide variety of tools that can aid your business in a number of ways. In this article, we’ll dig into the best Shopify apps available in eight key categories, including:

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Email Marketing Shopify Apps

Email marketing is a key way to both begin a relationship with your new customers and strengthen your relationship with your current audience.

That said, it’s essential that you take full advantage of the top email marketing apps on Shopify’s store.

Omnisend by Omnisend


Omnisend is an easy-to-use email marketing & marketing automation app. Offering deep integration with Shopify, Omnisend allows you to create and send targeted messages to your customers no matter where they are in the customer journey. Besides email marketing, Omnisend provides other channels like SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and more to create a seamless customer experience.


Shopify Popups by Wisepops

Popup app - Wisepops

Wisepops’ Shopify popup app makes it incredibly easy to create and deliver popups on your ecommerce website.

Using a variety of pre-created templates, or Wisepops’ drag-and-drop editor, you can create on-site popups for a variety of purposes. Whether asking new customers to sign up for your mailing list or providing hesitant shoppers with an incentive to purchase, your popups will do their part to nurture your audience closer to conversion.

Wisepops allows you to trigger your popups based on over thirty scenarios based either on timing or visitor behavior. This means you’ll always be able to display your popup offer at the exact right moment to get your audience engaged.

Wisepops also provides in-depth reporting and analytics, allowing you to continually optimize your popup campaigns as time goes on. This means an ever-growing mailing list, and a smoother path to purchase for your customers.

Best PPC Shopify Apps

A solid approach to PPC advertising—be it on Google, social media, or anywhere else on the web—is all but necessary for success for your ecommerce business.

Let’s take a look at three of the best Shopify apps to help you supercharge your future PPC campaigns.

Google Shopping Feed & Ads by Sales & Orders

Google Shopping Feed & Ads - Sales & Orders

Sales & Orders’ own Shopify App allows you to easily create, manage, and optimize your product feeds across a number of channels, including Google Shopping, Bing, Instagram and Facebook.

With Google Shopping Feeds & Ads, users can perform key PPC-related tasks right within a single dashboard. From managing bidding strategies to adjusting remarketing campaigns, you can handle it all in one place. You can also use our tool to get your Google Smart Campaigns up and running in no time.

With an easy-to-use interface and attentive support staff, Google Shopping Feed & Ads can help you revolutionize your approach to PPC advertising—and experience major growth in the process.

Pricing: Free up to 10k SKUs, $200/month for up to 200k SKUs

Facebook Ads Audit Growth Hero by Storeya

Facebook Ads Audit Growth Hero - Storeya

Facebook Ads Audit Growth Hero aims to help ecommerce retailers maximize the value of their high-performing Facebook Ads—and identify failing campaigns before they do too much damage.

Beyond just identifying failing campaigns, Facebook Ads Audit Growth Hero allows users to pinpoint why a given campaign performed so poorly. The tool provides a variety of surface-level information regarding audience engagement (such as demographics, device used, etc.), and also allows for cross-segmentation, as well. This helps teams identify which variables matter most for your audience, allowing you to create highly-profitable audience segments to target in the future.

Facebook Ads Audit Growth Hero also delivers notifications of campaign performance in real-time. This allows you to quickly identify when an active campaign has fallen short of projections, so that you don’t end up wasting even more time and money on a failed effort.

Retargeting Journeys by Shoelace

Retargeting Journeys - Shoelace

Shoelace’s Retargeting Journeys helps ecommerce retailers create and deliver a truly personalized experience to their customers throughout their buyer’s journey.

With Retargeting Journeys, you can deliver ads along your visitor’s path to purchase—both on-site and off—presenting just the right offer at just the right time. Use Retargeting Journeys to display ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other third-party platforms based on your audience’s behavior or your discretion.

By consistently providing offers via retargeting, you’ll keep your audience engaged with your brand at optimal moments—making it all the more likely that they’ll keep coming back for more.

Best SEO Shopify Apps

Search engine optimization is the other side of the coin in terms of generating traffic to your website and building brand awareness.

Like your PPC campaigns, your SEO efforts will certainly be aided by the use of the right Shopify SEO apps.

SEO Manager by venntov

SEO Manager - venntov

SEO Manager audits your ecommerce website to uncover any issues that may negatively impact your search rankings—and explains exactly how to fix them.

Regarding content, SEO Manager assesses your use of keywords throughout your website, and provides suggestions as to how to improve. This involves optimizing page titles and descriptions, image tags, and other easily-overlooked elements of your site.

SEO Manager also pinpoints technical issues that may affect your search results rankings, as well. A few pitfalls the tool looks out for include broken links, poor site speed, and unintuitive site structure. SEO Manager then provides a library of in-depth content to help you alleviate these issues—and get your site ranking on Google’s first page soon after.

Smart SEO by Sherpas Design

Smart SEO app - Sherpas Design

Smart SEO is another site auditing tool that digs through your site’s content and technical sides to help you maximize visibility on Google.

In helping to optimize your site’s content, Smart SEO provides a checklist of keyword-related activities to complete for each page. It then provides an SEO score for the said page based on how well you’ve adhered to the tool’s suggestions. These suggestions align with the way in which Google’s algorithms work—making it a near guarantee that your pages will begin to rank higher for relevant search terms.

On the technical side, Smart SEO focuses on creating a logical and intuitive site map for your website. This not only makes it easier for Google’s algorithms to understand your site, but it also makes it easier for your visitors to navigate it, as well. In both cases, this is a major boost to your SEO efforts.

SEO Get Clicked! SEO Tools by Adolab

SEO Get Clicked! app - Adolab

SEO Get Clicked! also provides a site auditing tool that helps you identify and fix SEO-related issues throughout your ecommerce website.

A major focus for SEO Get Clicked! is the coveted Google snippet. Whether optimizing your product pages, blog posts, or other on-site content, SEO Get Clicked! will help you make whatever changes are necessary to snag the snippet for highly-competitive search terms.

Adolab also provides a rich content library full of SEO tips and tricks—and even offers educational videos directly within the app itself. What’s more, the team is constantly adding and improving features on a weekly basis in order to keep up with the ever-changing world of SEO.

Best Shopify Apps for Promotions

Developing creative and engaging promotions is essential for keeping shoppers onboard and moving toward conversion as well as for building customer loyalty programs that get customers to keep coming back to your ecommerce website.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of Shopify apps to help you create promotional campaigns for many different purposes. Let’s take a look at the best of the best.

ViralSweep by ViralSweep

ViralSweep app - ViralSweep

ViralSweep allows ecommerce retailers to create sweepstakes, contests, and other giveaway campaigns through its suite of apps.

In creating engaging contests that promise huge value both to the winners and to all entrants, you’ll easily be able to collect the email addresses and contact information of your interested audience members. You can also use ViralSweep to solicit social media likes and shares, or to incentivize your customers to develop user-generated content—all acting as entry into your next contest.

Managing your various contests is simple and straightforward, with ViralSweep allowing you to choose winners with the click of a button. From there, you can begin the process of delivering the reward in the most efficient way possible.

Rewardify by Indinuity

Rewardify app - Indinuity

Skipping over the whole “contest” thing, you might also choose to use Rewardify to provide incentives to all customers who take a specific action.

Such actions include:

  • Registering for your mailing list
  • Making a first purchase
  • Reaching a certain spending threshold
  • Sharing content on social media
  • Reaching a brand-related milestone (such as an anniversary)

With Rewardify, you can present incentives in the form of a discount on a current purchase, or a credit on a future purchase. You can also apply discounts to multiple recurring purchases over time—a feature specifically meant for ecommerce retailers utilizing the subscription model. While your choice depends on what works best to engage your customers, the goal is to increase their likelihood of converting at some point in the near future.

ReferralCandy by ReferralCandy

Referral Candy app - ReferralCandy

Referral Candy allows you to create branded popups, landing pages, emails, and other such content aimed at generating referrals from your satisfied customers.

With Referral Candy, you can create tailored rewards that your audience will care about—and that will get them to spread the good word about your brand to others in their network. Once a referred individual becomes a paying customer, Referral Candy will automatically deliver your reward if possible (for simple discount incentives), or will automatically notify you to begin the reward delivery process (for physical incentives).

You can also track your customers’ referral-focused activities via email, social media, and various chat apps (such as WhatsApp). This allows you to see who’s making referrals, how often they’re doing so, and how successful their efforts have been. In turn, you can make adjustments to your approach, better equipping your referring customers in the future.

Photo Reviews by Loox

Photo Reviews app - Loox

Loox’s Shopify app allows retailers to collect both user-generated content and social proof all in one fell swoop.

With Loox, you can create follow-up emails to be automatically sent to customers after they’ve purchased a product and had ample time to actually use it. Within these emails, you can solicit UGC and feedback from the customer, delivering incentivizes to engage your hesitant audience members.

Once you’ve collected enough reviews and UGC, you can then present this information and content throughout your site. From product pages and landing pages to popups and “sticky” sidebars, you can find the optimum spot to promote your social proof to further engage site visitors.

Shoppable Instagram & UGC by foursixty

Shoppable Instagram & UGC app - foursixty

For many ecommerce retailers, making your Instagram shoppable is vital to your success in 2020 and beyond.

foursixty’s Shoppable Instagram & UGC tool allows you to display your shoppable Instagram posts directly on your ecommerce website. This means your visitors will have even more opportunities to make a quick purchase—without even having to navigate to your actual product pages.

Not only that, you can also push user-generated content featuring your products onto your site, as well. Whether they tag your brand directly or use a branded hashtag within their captions, you’ll be able to leverage your customers’ content to sell your products on your site.

Shoppable Instagram & UGC makes it easy to analyze your Instagram content’s performance in terms of generating a buzz and converting customers. What’s more, you can also use the tool to identify your most-engaged customers, and to identify potential influencers to partner up with.

Best Sales Shopify Apps

Engaging potential customers doesn’t mean much unless you actually get them to convert.

Sometimes, instead of tip-toeing around your customers and merely nudging them along, you need to be a bit more direct.

Which is exactly what the following Shopify apps will help you do.

FB Messenger Marketing by Recart

FB Messenger Marketing app - Recart

Recart’s Facebook Messenger tool allows you to automatically engage and re-engage with your customers at different points along their buyer’s journey—specifically aiming to get them to convert.

With this tool, your chatbot can send highly-relevant offers to individual customers based on a variety of factors. Most notably, you can trigger messages to be sent to individuals who abandon their cart or browsing session, providing one-time discounts on the items they had been considering.

You can also use FB Messenger Marketing to follow up with customers after they’ve made a purchase. Here, you have the opportunity of selling additional products to your satisfied customers with the click of a button.

On a less-salesy note, FB Messenger Marketing can also be used to collect mailing list subscribers and begin the process of nurturing prospective customers to conversion.

Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO by Codeinero

Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO app - Codeinero

Codeinero’s Shopify app works under the premise that your customers are more likely to buy from you when it’s easy to do so.

(And…well…that’s true.)

With that in mind, Sticky Add to Cart ensures that your “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” buttons are always visible to your visitors—no matter what page they’re on or how far they’ve scrolled. This makes it easier for the customer to move forward in their buyer’s journey while also continuing their immediate experience as desired.

(You can also implement a “quick buy” option, allowing customers to purchase items with a single click of a button.)

With Codeinero’s tool, you can customize the appearance of the buy buttons to match your branding, and can also choose from a number of pre-created themes as well.

Sticky Add to Cart’s reporting and analytics allows you to assess your vistors’ engagement levels with your buttons, and make adjustments to design and placement as necessary.

Discounted Pricing – Discounts by Booster Apps

Discounted Pricing apps - Booster Apps

The only thing better than selling one of your products is selling more than one of your products.

This Shopify app from Booster Apps allows you to incentivize your customers to purchase multiple items in one exchange—increasing average order value immediately and saving on shipping in the long run.

You can tailor the structure of your offer based on your customers’ preferences:

  • Item threshold (e.g., Buy 2, get 1)
  • Spend threshold (e.g., Spend $25, get $5 off)

Or, you can offer scaled pricing for multiple purchases of a single item. This allows repeat users to get more bang for their buck—while providing you with instant revenues upfront.

Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter by BOLD

Bold Upsell app - BOLD

BOLD’s upsell tool aims to help you squeeze the absolute most value possible out of every sale you make.

With Upsell Smarter, you can deliver upsell offers directly on product pages, as well as within your customers’ virtual shopping carts. That way, your customers have one last chance to upgrade to a higher-value product at a comparable and affordable price. You can also provide cross-selling offers for products that would provide supplemental value to your customers, as well.

Another key aspect of BOLD’s upsell tool is the ability to create sales funnels and workflows to implement throughout an individual buyer’s journey. For example, if a customer accepts a cross-sell offer, they may then be offered an upsell on that product—either immediately or sometime in the near future.

Upsell Smarter’s AI-driven analytics ensures your approach to upselling and cross-selling is optimized and tailored to the individual customer as best as possible. In turn, your LTV and AOV will skyrocket in no time.

Growave by Growave

Growave app

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands to reach, engage, and convert their customers with ease. It includes reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, Instagram galleries, and much more. With the “Reviews” feature, you can easily import and display product reviews to generate social proof. The “Wishlist” feature creates an alternative call-to-action to help keep customers in your conversion funnel (even when they’re not quite ready to buy). Rewards and Automated Emails allow you to further engage your customers after making their purchase and helping to increase your customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value as a result.

Best Customer Service Shopify Apps

You know how important it is to provide top-notch customer service.

Let’s make sure you have all your bases covered.

Easy Contact Form by Zotabox

Easy Contact Form app - Zotabox

At the absolute, bottom-of-the-barrel, very least, your website should offer visitors a way to quickly get in touch with your support staff.

Easy Contact Form provides just that: A sleek, simple, and easy-to-use contact form placed directly on your ecommerce website.

Easy Contact Form allows you to customize your forms in two ways. For one, you can wrap your forms completely in your branding—streamlining the experience for your customers. Secondly, you can add, change, or delete fields within your forms, designating mandatory and optional fields as necessary.

Zotabox’s tool also provides an autoresponse option, allowing you to quickly confirm receipt of your customers’ inquiries—and respond manually in due time.

Return Magic by Alveo.io

Return Magic app - Alveo.io

Returns are a known nuisance for both retailers and consumers alike…but they don’t have to be.

Return Magic allows you to create a portal for customers to easily initiate returns, receive a refund, and provide feedback with regard to their experience. You can give your customers the option of receiving a monetary refund, store credit, or an even exchange, opening the door for potential future sales opportunities.

On the backend, Return Magic helps streamline the returns process, from intake to reimbursement. While this involves automating much of the process, Return Magic also provides your team the ability to reject a return should the need arise. Since the more menial tasks are now taken care of, your team can focus on reducing waste, fraud, and other losses throughout the returns process.

Universal Inbox and Live Chat by Crisp

Crisp offers a universal inbox that acts as the all-in-one solution for all communication with your leads and customers.

Whether it’s coming from live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Email, every message comes in.

Thanks to a combination of human and automated interactions, you’ll build a strong relationship with your customers.

You can take advantage of canned messages, chatbots, FAQs, voice and video calls, or simple automated chat messages to build the most efficient customer support strategy.

Manage assignments with routing rules, improve collaboration with private notes, personalize with customers’ data extracted from your Shopify…

Oh…And one last thing…you can get started with a live chat app for your Shopify for free, forever.

Crisp is designed to make your life easier, and that’s why it’s one of the best Shopify apps you can find on the market at the moment.

Messaging Commerce by Jumper.ai

Messaging Commerce - Jumper.ai

Jumper.ai’s Messaging Commerce app acts as a single, centralized inbox for all communications with your retail customers.

With Jumper.ai’s chatbot technology, you can deliver quick-hitting information to those with surface-level questions, or you can put them on the path to conversion with automated recommendations for further purchases.

Manually, you can jump into a conversation with your customers on any channel, provide assistance as necessary, and make suggestions for further engagement with your brand. You can even initiate further sales directly within the conversation—regardless of what channel your customer is using.

You can even set up automated workflows to initiate and process message-based purchases while going live on Facebook and Instagram. This can help you deal with the influx of business you’ll ideally experience after making announcements live on social media.

Enquire Post Purchase Survey by Hodi, Inc.

Enquire Post Purchase Survey app - Hodi

The best way to figure out what your customers think of your brand is to just ask them.

Enquire Post Purchase Surveys allows you to do just, collecting feedback from your customers directly after they’ve made a purchase.

The concept of Hodi’s Shopify app is simple:

Instead of having new (or even experienced) customers spend their valuable time filling out a long-winded survey, why not just ask a single, easy-to-answer question at a time when the customer is most engaged?

This simple approach can lead you to ask the important questions about your customer experience—and become laser-focused on providing for your customers’ need.

Tidio Live Chat by Tidio

Live Chat app - Tidio

Wouldn’t it be great to communicate with every website visitor? For example, by giving them a great discount on a product they viewed so they don’t leave for competitors?

Tidio Live Chat is here to help businesses automate customer support, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more leads. It’s a customer communication solution that combines popular channels: emails, live chat, and Messenger chatbots. With Tidio, you track your store’s visitors behavior, start a conversion in real-time, and answer customer messages from live chat, Messenger, and email in one dashboard.

If you’re unavailable to respond right away, you can configure Tidio chatbots to answer the most common requests, including order delivery status, product availability, information on estimated delivery time, and others. As a result, you’ll never miss a question from a customer and reduce the chances of them leaving your site without answers.

Tidio’s live chat widget is customizable and easy-to-use, and even lets you see what customers are typing in real time. This way, you can provide faster and more efficient support to all customers.

Integration with popular apps such as MailChimp, Zendesk, GetReponse, and Google Analytics is available to ensure that you have complete control over customer support.

Best Reporting & Analytics Shopify Apps

The best way to improve the performance of your ecommerce business is to look to the numbers.

Here, we’ll look at a few Shopify apps that can make your path to excellence clear as day.

Lucky Orange by Lucky Orange, LLC

Lucky Orange app - Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange’s analytics dashboard provides both a high-level and granular look at your customers’ on-site journey.

These insights are gleaned via Lucky Orange’s Dynamic Heatmap and screen recording technologies. In other words, you’re getting data on your actual customers—not your “average customer.”

In analyzing your customers’ on-site path, you can see where engagement is highest, and where it tends to drop off. In turn, you can make immediate and impactful changes that will keep your customers engaged and heading toward conversion. This can also help you identify optimum moments to trigger upsell offers and the like.

In addition to the real-time analytics provided by Lucky Orange, you’ll also receive daily and weekly reports via email. This will allow you to manually track your progress as you grow your business over time.

Better Reports by Better Reports

Better Reports app - Better Reports

Better Reports allows you to create customized reports revolving around various aspects of your business, including:

  • Sales numbers
  • Web traffic
  • Advertising ROI
  • Inventory

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily mix and match different data sets to identify opportunities, pitfalls, and anything else worth noticing about your performance. This can lead you to finding profitable products or hidden target audiences, and can even lead to expansion of your business overall.

Internally, you can identify bottlenecks and further streamline your current processes—from accounting to inventory, and more. The more efficiently these backend processes run, the more money you’ll save for your business in the long run.

OrderMetrics by OrderMetrics

OrderMetrics app - OrderMetrics

As you surely know, every sale you make costs a certain amount of money.

What this “certain amount” is depends on a number of factors, such as tax, discounts offered, ad spend…the list goes on.

Enter OrderMetrics.

This Shopify app automates the process of calculating profit-per-sale in real-time, allowing you to get a granular idea of how much you’re actually making whenever you make a sale. With OrderMetrics, there’s no chance of overlooking certain fees, or misconverting currency; it’s already done for you.

With your profit-related information presented directly to you, you can easily identify your most profitable products, ad campaigns, and geographic locations. You can then invest more into these areas, while also making changes to your current offerings as needed. In turn, you’ll easily be able to increase your Return on Ad Spend and overall profitability.

Best Shopify Apps for Internal Processes

So far, we’ve focused mainly on Shopify apps that can help improve the customer-facing aspects of your ecommerce website.

But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss those that are strictly for internal use only.

TradeGecko by TradeGecko

TradeGecko app - TradeGecko

TradeGecko is a Shopify app that revolves around inventory management—but touches on nearly all other areas of your ecommerce business.

With TradeGecko, you can desilo your various sales channels and gain a clear overview of your entire inventory on one platform. This can help you:

  • Maintain proper inventory levels for your various channels based on demand
  • Identify potential future changes in demand based on past performance and current trends
  • Develop efficient fulfillment workflows based on specific circumstances (such as geographic location of orders being fulfilled)

As your inventory grows, it will take more than a simple spreadsheet to manage it (and the processes that go along with it). TradeGecko ensures you’ll maintain control of your inventory as your business continues to scale.

QuickBooks Online by OneSaas

QuickBooks Online app - OneSaas

Accounting is a necessary cost of business—one you certainly can’t afford to skimp on.

For QuickBooks users, Onesaas’ tool simplifies the process of transferring data between your Shopify and QuickBooks account. This includes data related to payments, payroll, inventory, expenses, and more.

By syncing this information between both platforms, you’ll remove the need for redundant data input, as well as the risk of inconsistencies within your various records. You can also automate certain processes, such as delivery of invoices, receipts, and other documentation.

Again, the goal is to streamline menial processes in order to focus on the more intensive aspects of running a business. That way, you can be sure your organization is always running on all cylinders.

Shop Protector by Human Presence Technology

Shop Protector app - Human Presence

Keeping your ecommerce site—and, thus, your business—safe and secure is of utmost importance.

You need an app like Shop Protector, then, to ensure this security at all times. Shop Protector analyzes all incoming traffic to identify fraudulent behavior, such as bot-based account creation and checkouts.

On the customer’s side of things, Shop Protector removes the need to fill in CAPTCHA forms and complete other annoying tasks. On your side, it’s all but guaranteed that the visitors and customers on your site are legitimate—and are able to make a purchase with as little friction as possible.

Anthony Capetola Anthony Capetola is Sales & Orders' Marketing Manager.

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