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Last updated Thu Jun 13 2024

10+ Best Popup Software in 2024 [+Tips]

Popup software is a good way to get leads, sales, emails, and feedback.

Sounds like something you could use, right?

But most app stores are full of popup software apps and choosing is not easy. That’s why this guide has tips to help you pick a popup builder app.

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How to choose the best popup software?

The best popup software has:

  • Drag-and-drop editor that you can use with no coding skills

  • Popup design templates for different conversion goals (welcome popup, discount popup, etc.)

  • Visitor targeting that allows to show a popup to the right visitor, at the right time

  • Campaign analytics to track how many views and email you got

  • Mobile popups to allow you to convert mobile visitors while complying with Google's guidelines

  • A/B testing for popups that allows trying campaigns with different designs, texts, discount sizes, etc.

  • Ecommerce features like built-in unique Shopify discount codes and targeting rules based on cart content

  • Integration with other apps to send data (e.g., emails) automatically to your email app/CRM

how to make small website popup

More examples:

30+ types of popups [list with examples]

Best Popup Software

best popup software

1. Wisepops

wisepops popup tool

Wisepops is one of the best popup software apps for online stores and retailers, rated 4.9 on Shopify and Capterra.

Whether you want to build your email list, accelerate sales, get free trial signups, collect feedback, recover abandoned carts, or share sales promotions, Wisepops has popups to get the job done.

You can create any popup easily thanks to a drag-and-drop editor:

popup editor

Wisepops is made to help ecommerce businesses increase lead generation and sales by personalizing your marketing offers to visitor groups, their location, number of visits, etc.

So, besides email list building, you also get advanced features like built-in Shopify properties (below), powerful targeting, and unique discount codes to engage customers at all stages of the customer cycle.

shopify properties

Best features:


You can use Wisepops for free with the 14-day unlimited trial. Paid plans begin at $49/mo. An annual subscription gives you two months for free.

Enterprises can go for a custom plan: Wisepops One.

Full pricing: Wisepops pricing

Who is Wisepops for?

Wisepops is used by ecommerce stores and SaaS companies:

See 20 ideas to use Wisepops with examples

Here's a quick example of a campaign made with this popup software (source: Flaus):

popup website example

If you'd like to try this popup software, you can get an account in minutes and test all the features for 14 days for free:

No cc needed, all features included.

Learn more about Wisepops popup maker or a talk to us about your use cases

"Excellent tool to achieve marketing goals"

"Wisepops is an easy to use solution that can be more than helpful to help you achieving your marketing goals. From the design to the audience, you can create a professional campaign by yourself in a few minutes without any coding skills."

Julien M., G2 review

Compare Wisepops with other top popup software:

2. Picreel

picreel popup software

Picreel is a popup software designed for ecommerce and SaaS with a decent 4.5 rating on G2. This popup tool comes with a template library including 100+ popups for sales, marketing, and lead generation, which will be helpful to beginners.

Best features:

  • Exit intent popups to build email lists

  • Popup surveys to get feedback from visitors

  • Powerful targeting features to help with sales

  • A/B testing to compare performance of different campaigns

  • Real-time popup personalization based on data from a built-in CRM

Here's the look of the campaign editor in Picreel:

picreel editorPricing:

The most affordable Picreel plan costs $19.99/mo. You can also try this popup tool for free for 15 days or get a free plan for 5,000 visitors.

Who is Picreel for?

Small and mid-sized ecommerce businesses that are looking to improve marketing and conversions. The tool is rich in conversion-oriented features, so it’s great for those looking to experiment with different campaigns.


  • Not-so-intuitive campaign editor

  • Basic design of templates

Want to see fantastic popup designs from successful businesses?

👉 Popup design examples

3. OptinMonster

optimonster popup software

OptinMonster is a robust lead generation platform with popups, created for professional marketers and large eCommerce stores. This popup tool is rated 4.3 on G2 and has a great range of lead generation features.

Best features:

  • Ready-made templates for email capture popups and forms

  • Targeting and behavior automation engine to personalize campaigns

  • A/B testing and campaign monitoring to find the best-performing tactics


OptinMonster offers neither a free plan nor a free trial (that’s why there are many OptinMonster alternatives out there). But there’s a basic plan for $16/mo with several popup types. Exit-intent popups and all other campaigns are available in the Pro plan for $49/mo.

Who is Optinmonster for?

OptinMonster is suitable for marketers who are familiar with setting up complex popup campaigns.

Keep in mind that OptinMonster charges clients annually. This means you’ll have to use this popup tool for a year. This is a huge commitment, but you’ll get advanced popup tools.


  • Beginners might find the editor a bit overwhelming due to its complexity

Wondering what popups you could have?

Here are Examples of email popups to help you choose.

4. Privy

privy popup software

Privy is a marketing platform for email and SMS marketing that also includes popups. The app has a healthy 4.6 rating on Shopify and provides a decent range of popups, bars, and banners for online stores.

Best features:

  • Many targeting rules to personalize popup campaigns

  • Drag-and-drop popup designer to create popups with no experience

  • A/B testing of popup campaigns to find the highest-converting popup options 


Privy has a free plan for popups, but it’s limited to 5,000 monthly pageviews and few marketing campaigns. There’s also a Privy Starter plan for $15/mo which adds emails and the Growth plan for $45/mo with SMS.

Who is Privy for?

Privy is a popup software option for online businesses with low traffic. Why low? If you have a lot of traffic, Privy could become a little bit expensive because pricing is tied to the number of contacts you acquired.


  • If you use this popup software, you'll pay for its email marketing features (which is something many users don't need since they use other email apps)

Feel like checking more app collections?

5. Justuno

justuno popup software

Justuno is an eCommerce growth platform with popup tools for email capture. You can add website popups and bars and show promotional offers and coupon codes. Combined with a free plan for Shopify, this popup software is a good lead generation option for growing Shopify stores.

Best features:

  • Fully customizable email and SMS popups

  • Unique promotions for mobile users with cross-device tracking

  • Targeting options for personalized marketing with popups

  • Pre-made templates for popups and campaigns

justuno editorPricing:

The most affordable Pro plan costs $25/mo and works for 10,000 monthly visitors. An upgrade to 25,000 sessions will cost $41/mo.

Who is Justuno for?

Justuno has both lead capture and sales features, so it’s an option for converting and retargeting new and existing customers.


Want to take a step back and learn more about popups first? Check out: What is a popup? Meaning and features.

6. Sleeknote

sleeknote popup app

Sleeknote (recently acquired by Drip) is a widely-known lead generation platform and exit-intent popup software with sales features. There’s a wide range of popup templates, so it’s possible to try any kind of campaign. One of the most feature-rich popup software in the market, Sleeknote is also one of the most expensive ones.

Best features:

  • Easy-to-use popup creator with drag-and-drop features

  • Massive popup library with templates for every occasion

  • Integration with email marketing apps to build a segmented list of subscribers automatically

sleeknote editor popupPricing:

You’ll have to pay $58/mo to use the most affordable plan for 25,000 monthly visitors. Sleeknote’s plans include most features (hence the high price) but differ in visitors. The most suitable plan for a mid-sized business costs $135/mo.

Why choose Sleeknote?

Sleeknote can be a go-to popup software for businesses looking for massive eCommerce growth.


  • The high price makes Sleeknote a popup tool for websites with a large marketing budget

7. OptiMonk

optimonk popup software

OptiMonk is one of the popular popup software options primarily because they offer a free plan for 3,000 pageviews. In terms of features, OptiMonk has popups to collect emails on websites, share product recommendations, recover carts, and promote offers.

Best features:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create popups without coding

  • Campaign scheduling for seasonal offers and holiday specials

  • Pre-made popup templates for lead generation and abandoned cart recovery

optimonk editorPricing:

You can use OptiMonk for free for 15,000 monthly pageviews. Paid plans for growth cost $79/mo (100,000 pageviews) and $199/mo (500,000 views).

Who is OptiMonk for?

OptiMonk has a decent pack of features for businesses of all sizes. This popup software comes with a simple builder, many templates, and automation—everything for lead generation.


  • G2 reviews mention some problems with HTML/CSS integrations

8. Hello Bar

hello bar popup app

Hello Bar offers two lead generation options: a website bar and an exit popup. The bar appears on the top of a web page and is perfect for making announcements. The exit-intent popup consumes the entire screen to get attention.

Best features:

  • Exit intent popup software to get emails of visitors

  • Targeting features to customize the content of popups

  • Welcome bar to greet visitors and share news, promos, and announcements

  • Design tools to customize the bar and the popup to match website colors

hellobar popup editorPricing:

You can use Hello Bar for 5,000 monthly pageviews for free. Paid plans cost $29/mo (50,000 views) and $49/mo (150,000 views). The Elite plan with all features is priced at $99/mo.

Who is Hello Bar for?

Hello Bar’s free plan could help blogs and B2B businesses to get subscribers. A bar can be helpful to announce sales, events, and special offers while popups can generate leads.


  • G2 reviews suggest a lack of scheduling and a non-intuitive UX

When should your website show popups to collect more emails? This guide has answers: Popup Timing: the Best Time to Display Offers

9. Popupsmart

popupsmart popup best app

Popupsmart is one of the simple popup software apps that focuses on building email lists and increasing sales. You can install and start using this free popup software in minutes without coding, so it’s a beginner-friendly option.

Best features:

  • Impressive popup template library with hundreds of options

  • Smart Editor that makes creating popups straightforward for beginners

  • Targeting options for more effective lead generation and remarketing campaigns

popupsmart editorPricing:

There’s a free plan for 5k pageviews. The subscription for 100,000 pageviews costs $39/mo. If you’re a business owner looking to achieve fast growth, consider the Expert plan with unlimited popups and one million pageviews for $159/mo.

Who is Popupsmart for?

Popupsmart is suitable for B2B businesses and bloggers. This popup software also has decent eCommerce features for small and mid-sized online stores to do lead generation.


  • Only one popup campaign allowed in the free version

Having too many visitors leave without buying? Ask them how to improve their experience with popups. More info: How to Create Website Exit Surveys

10. Poptin

poptin best popup apps

Poptin is a fully automated lead generation platform with features for both B2B websites and eCommerce stores. Thanks to a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can create popups for capturing leads, gathering product feedback, and recovering abandoned carts.

Best features:

  • Three types of website popups (lightbox, slide-in, and full-screen) + bars

  • Simple editor to customize popups in any way you want

  • Basic targeting options (time delay, traffic source, scrolling, etc.)

poptin popup editorPricing:

Poptin offers a free plan for 1,000 monthly visitors. Paid plans begin at $25/mo with most features. The most feature-rich is the Agency plan, which goes for $119/mo.

Who is Poptin for?

This popup software is a good choice for marketing agencies and B2B companies. There’s a dedicated plan with team accounts, email autoresponders, subaccounts, and unlimited domains.


  • Poptin reviews suggest that the dashboard and user management are a bit confusing

Want to collect visitors’ emails on your store? Here’s how to get more signups: The Ultimate Guide to Email Popups.

11. Popup Maker

popup maker app

Popup Maker is a popup software for WordPress that deserves attention. The app offers a range of must-have popup features, so if you want to generate leads for your WordPress website, Popup Maker plugin is a good contender.

Best features:

  • Template library with many customizable options

  • Seven event-based popup types to increase sales, recover carts, and collect emails

  • Campaign analytics to help users monitor the performance of popups and make changes


There are three paid plans (Start, Grow, and Optimize) that go for $99, $199, and $299, respectively (only annual pricing available).

popup maker pricingWho is Popup Maker for?

Popup Maker is an affordable popup software with decent features for WordPress websites.


  • You can get must-have features like exit popups and geotargeting only in the most expensive version

Best popup software: summary

That’s a wrap.

Choosing a popup software app boils really down to several things. The best tool should have advanced customer targeting, many templates, a straightforward popup editor, integrations with other apps, and useful analytics.

Once again, the best popup software apps in 2024 are:

  1. Wisepops

  2. Picreel

  3. OptinMonster

  4. Privy

  5. Justuno

  6. Sleeknote

  7. OptiMonk

  8. Hello Bar

  9. Popupsmart

  10. Poptin

  11. Popup Maker

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


West Pomeranian University of Technology


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